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Hypnosis and Fertility

I have experience in the use of hypnotherapy to assist with fertility related issues for cover 20 years. My wife is the founder of the world renown Amazon Fertility Program and hypnotherapy has been an important part of this program especially in cases of unexplained infertility.

Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or are hoping to have a baby via IVF or other assisted reproductive technologies, hypnotherapy can help improve your chances.

Fertility Hypnotherapy Melbourne

How does Fertility Hypnotherapy work?

Your mind (brain, nervous system, DNA) is a powerful biological computer. Most of the time you are only able to access and direct a very small portion (1-2%) of this powerful mind/body computer. By far the largest part of your powerful biological computer is usually referred to as your unconscious mind. I prefer to call it your invisible mind.

This invisible mind is your powerful autopilot. It runs your body (heartbeat, breathing, immune system, digestion, etc) and is responsible for memory storage amongst other things. It is also the domain of emotions.

Over more than twenty years of Fertility Hypnotherapy I have refined my fertility hypnosis approach to maximize your chances of conceiving a healthy child.

The therapeutic use of hypnosis and related psychotherapy techniques is highly effective in reducing stress levels and releasing trauma and painful emotional charges stuck in the nervous system.

Hypnotherapy techniques are also extremely effective in identifying limiting beliefs, often adopted in childhood, that interfere with the ability to conceive or to carry a pregnancy to full term.

Limiting beliefs once identified can be easily resolved and replaced with empowering beliefs that align your unconscious mind with your conscious desires of parenthood.

While significant benefits can be achieved in a single hypnotherapy session we have found that the best results are obtained with a three to four session program that aims to release all negative emotions from the past (not just related to fertility) and then focuses on addressing any limiting beliefs related to the issue of fertility.

Hypnosis and Fertility Research

November 2009 Ursula James – Practical uses of clinical hypnosis in enhancing fertility, healthy pregnancy & childbirth.

Hypnosis and IVF

Article: Israeli study proves hypnosis can double IVF success rate – By David Brinn August 2002

Eighty-nine women were then given hypnosis while their embryos were implanted. Some underwent more than one cycle of IVF treatment. Ninety-six other women underwent embryo transfers without hypnosis. All received one cycle each.

The results showed that the hypnotized women resulted in double the amount of pregnancies of those that weren’t hypnotized.

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