Month: April 2016

The Real Reason You Are Failing

Do you feel like you are somehow sabotaging yourself in one particular area of your life?


You are smart. You are intelligent. You are successful.

And yet, you seem to be always struggling in this one area of your life.

Chances are you are carrying emotional baggage associated with this area of your life and it is holding you back, big time.


So what exactly is emotional baggage and why should you care?

Well, emotional baggage is simply unprocessed emotions from past experiences.

It could be related to something that happened yesterday or it could be about something that happened fifty years ago.

How do we create emotional baggage in the first place? Well, basically we experience intense negative emotions that are too painful for us to process all at once.

As a result the unprocessed emotions get stored in your nervous system. This is where they will stay until they get processed. There is no expiry date. Many people accumulate more and more emotional baggage as they grow older.

Our unconscious mind (which is responsible for running our body and keeping us healthy) manages these suppressed emotions as best as it can. One of the things that happens is that these painful emotions from the past are quarantined so we feel less of the associated pain. Unfortunately this can interfere with cellular communication and can ultimately contribute to the onset of diseases.

All of our decision making (most of which we are not even conscious of) is designed to avoid pain and maximize pleasure.

When we carry suppressed negative emotions they create incorrect and undesirable pain associations in our nervous system.

For example, you are in a loving relationship. Then one day the relationship falls apart. Depending on the circumstances you may well suppress some of the associated pain. This unprocessed emotional pain now causes your nervous system to associate pain with loving relationships.

You still desire a loving, stable long term relationship but at the same time you are also terrified of another painful relationship breakup.

As a result you unconsciously find ways to sabotage every new relationship. This can be so subtle that you may be completely unaware of how you are contributing to the problem. Instead you are likely to project your fears and insecurities onto your prospective partners which creates further tension and instability in your relationships.

Before long you are completely disillusioned with relationships and you decide that you are simply not meant to be with anyone. This is simply a defence mechanism kicking in. You just don’t want to be hurt again.

When you are carrying this sort of emotional baggage from the past you can find the perfect partner and you would still find a way to sabotage the relationship.

The key is to heal yourself first so that you don’t take your past pain into the new relationship.

The fastest way to accomplish this is to enlist the help of your unconscious mind. You can think of your unconscious mind as your biological supercomputer. It is far more powerful than the conscious mind and has access to all of your past memories and experiences.


As a result in can resolve past issues in a fraction of the time that you consciously could.

By working with the unconscious mind to systematically release and resolve your emotional baggage your life can take a dramatic tun for the better.

Chronic anxiety, depression and self-doubt can be released quickly and easily. As your biological computer is cleared of the data corruption (emotional baggage) you decision making automatically adjusts and you stop sabotaging yourself.

While the dramatic changes can often seem magical to friends and family and even to you, they are simply the logical outcome of processing and releasing your accumulated emotional baggage from the past.

Once the emotional baggage is resolved we can achieve further dramatic improvements in your life by letting go of limiting beliefs that have erroneously found their way into your mindset.

The result is an emotional and mental rebirth that allows you to live life with the joy and excitement that you had as a little child.

At this point your choices are virtually limitless.


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