Month: May 2013

Hypnosis and Pregnancy Research

Hypnosis has also been used in obstetrics to facilitate delivery. The following cases summarizes clinical findings on the effectiveness of hypnosis on this condition.

Research Summary: Studies on this subject claim that patients treated with hypnosis had greater satisfaction with birth, shorter labor, and they used significantly less analgesic medications than control patients. There is also evidence that hypnosis facilitates pregnancy in women who are undergoing in vitro fertilization interventions.

Key Findings: hypnosis helps reduce labor and delivery pain significantly and the need for medication during and after labor and delivery. Moreover, hypnosis proved to be an effective adjunct to the medical treatment of preterm labor in a case of quadruplets.

Source: Mendoza M. E. and Capafons, A. (2009). Efficacy of clinical hypnosis: A summary of its empirical evidence. Papeles del Psicólogo, 30(2), 98-116.

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